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Our vision is unique art in every home. Il bagno is the love for perfection and customized solutions.

It covers both vintage and modern trends.

So we welcome  you in our showroom to feel the vision.



Visit our Tabs collection to get a taste of all the brands we are associated with and all the possible outcomes we can offer you for your dreamy bathroom.


If you take a closer look at all the bathrooms we can provide for you, then you will notice a variety of combinations with one similar goal, perfection.


Plenty of both modern and classic options for your ideal way of living. Explore all the different possibilities in our furniture collection.


One of our most recent projects includes the beautiful tile called Tessino Blue.

What led us into choosing this particular piece was its unique design and color which offers trustworthiness and reliability. Its delicate appearance makes it helpful in promoting feelings of soothing tranquility.

Although Blue is generally a masculine color, this tile’s iconic light blue is often associated with youth, innocence and childhood.


This project is one of our favorites since it combines potaro black alongside etowhe brown which results in this amazing sight.

While the color beige is said to stand for humidity, comfort and openess, Black Potaro’s key color black which stands for mystery and power in contrast with its golden waves offer a phenomenal final look.

The bold colors we chose evoke emotions such as sadness and anger, both being very strong emotions that mirror the client’s character.